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Get Your Resume Noticed!

Government Resumes Need Certain Details

  1. Your resume needs to be formatted properly.
  2. There are different sections you need to include. 
  3. Each section has unique identifiers that need to be included.
  4. Project descriptions need to have sufficient level of detail to pass evaluations.
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It is more important than you think!

☑️Roles and Headings

☑️Project Descriptions

☑️Tasks Performed


Project Descriptions

We provide the necessary input fields to create a comprehensive description that will appeal to hiring managers. 

☑️Understand what the hiring managers are looking for.

☑️Get the results in minutes, not days.

☑️We provide guidance on how much information to include.

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Unlock the right keywords and phrases with our platform.

☑️Get screened in to the next round

☑️Automatically calculate your project timelines.

☑️Use the relevant keywords they notice.

Tasks Performed

Each job description has a baseline of tasks that you performed that must be included.

☑️Apply for the right role, with the right response, and the appropriate description of work performed.

☑️Populate your resume with these baseline tasks.

☑️Provide more information on top of baseline tasks.

Project plan

Frequently asked questions

What's the cost

The cost is $90 to get access to the GCB Resume Builder.

How long can I access my resume portal?

You will have access to your resume for 90 days in the portal. You will be able to automatically download the results in word or PDF once complete.

How long will this take?

A resume with 5 projects will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. There are a few sections that need to be filled out so be ready to go with your information.

What's the difference between this service and other services

  1. Speed and accuracy
  2. Specifically built for your target audience - Federal Government hiring managers
  3. We have done this thousands of times before, we then created a way to systemize the process and produce documents for clients within minutes.
  4. This is built for those who are applying for Canadian Federal Government jobs and contract positions.

Can I use this to apply for multiple Canadian Fed Gov positions?

Yes, use the resume produced as many times as you like. If you are applying for two distinct roles then we recommend two different resumes that each highlight the relevant tasks performed in each position. 

Does this guarantee me a job?

No, resume builder will not guarantee you a job. Our resume builder provides you with a basis for a stronger application than what you had before.  There are a myriad of other factors that contribute to a successful application.

We have seen the resume component of a job/contract application done incorrectly so frequently, we had to find a way to create a scalable way of giving people opportunities to get a better chance of getting to the interview.

Can I use this to apply to Provincial Government job postings?

This resume builder is tailored for federal government roles but may be used to enhance other job applications as well.

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