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Portfolio Assessments

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Portfolio Assessments

A portfolio assessment is an evaluation of an organization's existing applications, workloads, and infrastructure to determine their suitability for migration to the cloud. The goal of a portfolio assessment is to identify which applications and workloads can be easily migrated to the cloud, which ones need to be refactored or rebuilt, and which ones should be retired.

Sample Report Data

This step involves creating an inventory of all existing applications, workloads, and infrastructure. This includes identifying the application's purpose, the technologies used, the number of users, the size of data, dependencies, and constraints.
This step involves providing recommendations on how to proceed with the migration, which can include rehosting, refactoring, rebuilding, replacing, or retiring the applications and workloads.
This step involves analyzing the applications and workloads to determine their readiness for migration, including assessing their technical and business requirements.
Cost Benefit Analysis
This step involves forecasting the cost savings and returns on investment (ROI) that can be achieved by migrating the applications and workloads to the cloud.
This step involves classifying the applications and workloads based on their characteristics and suitability for migration to the cloud. Applications and workloads can be classified into different categories such as "cloud-ready," "cloud-enabled," or "cloud-optimized."

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