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AWS Partner Public Sector-2

AWS Partner - Public Sector Program

A Rare Combination in Ottawa

GC Brokers has been recognized as an AWS Consulting Services Partner, delivering services to the Federal Government. We have also been admitted into their Public Sector Program to further differentiate ourselves as having strong competencies within the Federal Government.

  • One of four local Ottawa companies that have AWS services designation with the Public Sector Partner Program
  • Strong understanding of resourcing and building teams to perform work within the Federal Government.
  • Understands the unique security requirements that the Government has an
  • One of the only companies that can walk departments through how cloud migrations can take place within the Fed Gov infrastructure.

Deep Technical Knowledge and Experience

Most popular projects and discussions

Workload Migration

Getting an assessment tool in place can be a big struggle for most departments. We have partnered with the only platform assessment tool that provides deep insights into applications, dependencies and 200 other data points that link to the business use cases in order to optimize your journey to the cloud. 

DevOps at Scale

Providing knowledge workers with great tools to do their work efficiently and in collaboration with one another can be a challenge in large enterprise environments. See how we have helped our clients adopt a cohesive approach for their Development teams and helped produce pipelines to improve output for departments.

Application Modernization

Transform your department's legacy applications for the cloud by taking advantage of microservices, containers, serverless computing, among other technologies

Data and Analytics

There is a lot of data available to departments but are they utilizing it effectively? Are you creating actionable insights from relevant information? See how we have helped other departments out with their data. 

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