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Cloud Migration

Elevating your business to the cloud

Streamline your cloud migration journey

Migrating an organization's workloads, data, and applications to the cloud requires a significant amount of planning and coordination. There can be a lot of moving parts to consider and manage, such as assessing current infrastructure and applications, re-architecting them to run in the cloud, migrating data, and testing everything to ensure it works as expected. It can also be challenging to ensure that all stakeholders are on board and that the migration stays on track. Additionally, as the cloud technology is constantly changing and updating, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest best practices and technologies which can make the migration difficult.

The 6 R's for Modernization


Also known as "lift and shift," this involves moving an existing application or workload to a new environment without making any changes to the application itself.



Refactor: This involves making changes to an application to make it more suitable for the new environment.



This involves completely rebuilding an application to take advantage of new features or capabilities in the new environment.



This involves replacing an existing application with a new one that is better suited to the new environment



This involves retiring an application or workload that is no longer needed or that cannot be migrated.



This involves keeping an application or workload in its current environment, either because it is too complex or costly to migrate or because it is not a good fit for the new environment.


Portfolio Assessments

We leverage a suite of tools for the evaluation of an organization's existing applications, workloads, and infrastructure to determine their suitability for migration to the cloud. The goal of a portfolio assessment is to identify which applications and workloads can be easily migrated to the cloud, which ones need to be refactored or rebuilt, and which ones should be retired.

1. Inventory

2. Classification

3. Analysis

4. Recommendations

5. Cost Benefit Analysis

What about the cost?

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