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Serving the Canadian Federal Government

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Who we serve

GC Brokers serves the Federal Government by providing IT and business consultants in a T&M or solution outcome capacity. Each industry comes up against unique challenges and the Government is no different.

We provide guidance and recommended best practices in the IT solutions recruitment industry based on our stakeholder engagement model to improve onboarding workflows and candidate identification.

At GC Brokers, we saw an opportunity to differentiate ourselves by providing comprehensive support to our clients. Instead of only addressing issues as they arise, we decided to proactively engage with our clients early in their projects to better understand their challenges. By doing so, we can develop and implement strategies to help them succeed. This approach has enabled us to provide better and more effective services to our clients, leading to better project outcomes and more satisfied customers.

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4 Common Challenges our clients face every day.

No Contract Vehicle in Place

Quite often, clients are not sure of the entire process for getting resources into their team and do not control a TBIPS or TSPS contracting vehicle. By not having your own vehicle in place and if you require consultants, this can be an uphill battle that you spend a large chunk of your time trying to find other options or trying to “figure it out” as you go through the process for the first time.

Connect with us and we can provide best practices and point you in the right direction for creating your very own contracting vehicle.

Using Colleagues' Contracts

This is one of the most common things we see when clients are trying to bring in a consultant. It might be a good vehicle with good rates (likely not) and will satisfy your requirements for the immediate however there will come a time where you will need to create your own vehicle because that contract was not originally put in place for your use.

Unusable Contract Vehicles

There are hundreds of contracts that get put in place every year. Most of the time the rates are not great which translates into a difficult time getting the right resource in place. Often times you are stuck with someone who was available for the role and you just got tired of looking.

Unusable vehicles are not new and far too common. We strive to assist clients with sourcing the right vehicles that can be leverage for the short term and long term so it fits with your mandate and resourcing needs.

Unable to get the right resources on your team

Our clients value our straightforward approach to guiding them through the process of onboarding consultants. You must find the balance between finding the right category that has a usable bill rate and a resource that fits those requirements that is mapped to the description.

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