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GC Brokers

Modernizing Public Sector

Maximizing Citizen Value


GC Brokers was created to serve our Federal Government by providing guidance and recommended best practices in the staffing and recruitment industry based on input we received from our stakeholders to get the job done efficiently and make it easy for our clients to work with us.


Let’s face it, our consultants are on the front lines and communicate with the same clients we do. This puts them in a unique spot to be able to identify additional ways that we can work together to assist with projects. We have found that working hand in hand with consultants to ensure they are surrounded by other strong and capable resources is the best approach to take.

TBIPS, SBIPS, TSPS and TA’s. If you have ever worked in the federal government and with consultants, you probably know what these terms mean. You may also realize that there are a million answers to a few simple questions, and they might all seem right and wrong at the same time.

Navigating the world of Government IT advisory services can be frustrating and inconsistent. GC Brokers understands the complexities and explains the process to our clients to achieve the best outcomes.

Only understanding one aspect of the purchasing lifecycle without the right stakeholder engagement does not yield the best outcomes. Having the right resources and not knowing how to onboard them also does not yield the best outcomes. You must understand all sides to achieve onboarding and acquisition success.


Core Strengths



Get your ATO done faster with our Security Team and frameworks.


Drive out your decision making capability with data.


Cloud Smart - Know what to move and how to move it with our Cloud Teams.


GCB has attained high level partnerships with the major Cloud Service Providers to validate our cloud work and expertise. We are a Microsoft Azure Partner with three designations: Infrastructure, Digital & App Innovation and Data & AI. These three validations prove the value we bring to customers when improving existing applications while migrating them to the cloud. 

GCB has also been recognized by AWS as an Advanced partner with Public Sector recognition for all of our public sector work. Connect with us to see how we can help modernize and migrate your workloads. 

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What our Customers Say

“I have worked with a few of the large, well known firms in town, and none of them know all the challenges or how to provide the guidance we need to get approval for consultants to get on board to our team. You resolved this in less than 2 weeks for us.”

Manager, IT Ops | Federal Government Department

"Your advice was specific to my situation and you asked a lot of good questions to uncover the unknowns that I did not realize were important. At the end of the day, we found what was needed, quickly."

Director, PMO | Federal Government Department

"We had no way of getting good resources in until we connected with the GCB team. They were able to explain the process and bring in their team to complete the work are now working with my colleagues with their challenges."

Director of IT | Federal Department

"We had a critical workload that was stalled from moving to the cloud and their security team helped get the SA&A done in weeks instead of months while coordinating with the CSPs. Superior understanding of the Federal processes to go to cloud."

Security Director | Federal Department

150 Elgin Street, 8th Floor, Suite 1040, Ottawa, ON, K2P 1L4